About Us

Welcome to Shiny Hair Fixing

Your hair is your crowing glory. A bald pate is definite disadvantage. Any bald person will in his heart of hearts admit it - he has been successful in life. While billions of dollars have been spent on reach into a solution for baldness, no affordable remedies have yet been developed. After year of Patient and painstaking research, Shiny hair fixing has developed a safe and sound permanent hair replacement technique that will banish your bald forever. You will be astonished at the change it will bring about to your whole personality.

Baldness is common phenomenon. While Billions of dollar have been spent on research into a solution for baldness, no reliable remedies have yet been developed that the common man can afford. Shiny hair fixing has evolved a methodology to create fitments that look so natural and match your visage so perfectly, you’ll forget you ever were bald.


Shiny is the pioneer of Hair Replacement in India, 10 years ago we introduced the technology in india and have never looked back ever since. We have many satisfied customers who swear by our name.Trust us to give you the look you have always dreamed of. If you don’t trust us, visit our ‘Real People. Real Results’ segment.

Mission & Vision

At Shiny our vision is to find a permanent solutions to laldness so that people are not held back by their lack of self confidenence, but can go and perform to the full extent of their capabilities.

Our Mission is to offer an affodable alternative that will help the common man to banish the bald look, make him feel the natural head of hair, and give himthe confidence to face up to the world.