Hair Fixing

Hair Bonding

Another technologies marvel, customized by our staff for an undetectable look. A silicon compound is used to bond the hair unit to your scalp, and merged with your exiting hair with a precision only experience can offer. However resetting is required every one to two month depending upon the quantity and pH of the sweat through the scalp and weather conditions. This technique is practiced normally when exiting hair are in sides and back only and front and crown of the sclap area is almost bald. Hair Bonding is also considered an option for people suffering form a wide range of hair and sclap illnesses like alopecia universalis, ectodermal dysplasia, burns, radiations, etc.

Hair Fixing (Clipping & Tapping)

The hair Unit is locked to your existing hair through highly precise and specially designed clip that can hold to 5 to 7 stands of your existing hair It is easily to maintain and offer unmatched flexibility. Since this technique is a topical and external cosmetics attachments, hence, there is no side effects. You can shampoo, color, perm cut or style like your own hair. The new hair is natural and requires no change in lifestyle. One can get it styled to a desired effect and even swim with the hair unit on.

Why Choose Shiny

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